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With more than 25 years experience between us, we understand the business of sustainability and how it can deliver on your sustainability goals. Check out our featured projects below.

Featured Projects

We’re proud of the work we do and the people we work with. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to lately.

Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

Client: Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Year: 2012
Location: Toronto, ON
LEED Certification: Achieved LEED-CI Gold
Project Size: 133,150 ft2 (12,370 m2)
Project Overview:
This project was a tenant fit-up for a high-profile law firm in downtown Toronto. Located at the prestigious TD Centre, this project was targeting LEED-CI Gold certification. Energy efficiency measures such as metering, lighting controls, energy efficient equipment were priorities. In addition, material selection was a priority with a focus on materials with low-VOCs, recycled content, and those sourced regionally.

Lunchbox’s Role:
Lunchbox provided contractor coaching to assist with the construction-related LEED credits and was the LEED consultant on the job. We facilitated this LEED project from design right through to occupancy. This project has achieved its LEED Gold certification.

Check out the video from the CaGBC here.

LEED Certification Reviews for GBCI

Client: Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI)
Year: Ongoing
Project Overview:
When a project wants to get LEED certified, the project team must submit documentation to demonstrate compliance with all of the prerequisite/credit requirements. That documentation, for all projects except those in Canada, is submitted to the GBCI for certification. The documentation is reviewed by a variety of reviewers for compliance and certification is awarded.

Lunchbox’s Role:
We are responsible for reviewing projects for certification, and deciding which credits and prerequisites have, or have not, met the requirements. Only really experienced individuals across North America get to do this kind of work! We decide for the projects that we review whether they meet the requirements for certification. Our expertise in interpreting prerequisite/credit requirements is what we are hired for.

Three H Corporate Sustainability and ‘level’ certification

Client: Three H
Year: Ongoing
Location: New Liskeard, ON
Project Overview:
Three H is a furniture manufacturer based in New Liskeard, ON. As more and more manufacturers move towards making their products more sustainable, Three H wanted to ensure that they were also moving in this direction. They were looking to know how their products fit into the LEED framework, and to develop a sustainability action plan for their business as a whole. This initial work has led them to continue to work towards achieving various aspects of that sustainability plan and to explore ‘level’ certification for their products.

Lunchbox’s Role:
Lunchbox facilitated the process with the management team and developed key corporate policies related to Three H’s corporate sustainability. In addition, Lunchbox developed the action plan that is being used by the organization as they move forward. We also produced a feasibility study with regards to ‘level’ certification and are in the process of working with Three H to move this work forward.

Back-to-Base Work at the TD Centre

Client: Cadillac Fairview
Year: 2010 - 2012
Location: Toronto, ON
LEED Certification: in support of LEED EB:O&M
Project Size: various
Project Overview:
TD Centre is comprised of several towers, each of which is in various stages of LEED EB:O&M certification. As part of that certification, any time there is renovation work being done, that work needs to comply with several of the LEED EB:O&M credits. There have been a number of back-to-base projects happening in the tower and Cadillac Fairview wanted to have someone responsible for overseeing the LEED compliance and provide coaching to the contractors on their LEED responsibilities.

Lunchbox’s Role:
Lunchbox was hired to provide support to the contractors working on several of the back-to-base projects in a number of different towers. Lunchbox worked with the contractors to ensure that they understood what was being asked of them with regards to LEED. In addition, we did tracking for the LEED EB:O&M credits related to construction waste management, indoor air quality management, and sustainable purchasing.

hom by Domicile

Client: Domicile
Year: Currently under construction - to be completed 2013
Location: Ottawa, ON
LEED Certification: Targeting LEED-NC Silver
Project Size: hom: 100,100 ft2 (9,300 m2 )
Project Overview:
hom by Domicile is a multi-unit residential condo project located in central Ottawa. It is one of two condo towers that Domicile is currently building that is targeting a LEED-NC Silver certification. It is a 12 storey, 110 unit building with underground parking. The project is focusing on sourcing local materials for the construction as well as several credits related to indoor air quality such as using low-emitting materials, managing the particulates during the construction process, and providing occupants with control over their thermal comfort.

Lunchbox’s Role:
Lunchbox is the LEED consultant on this project and has been facilitating the process from design development. We are tracking compliance with the LEED requirements and will be preparing the submission for certification. Our job is to make sure the project achieves the certification targeted and that all of the project team is working together and towards this same goal.

We are also working on the second condo tower (ONE3ONE) for Domicile.